1 Do I need to bring my own food?

We feed only premium brands however, if your pet is a fussy eater or they have special dietary needs we will be happy

to discuss this with you in advance of your arrival.

2 Will my pet pine or fret when I leave?

Dogs will fret or pine when you leave the kennel but this does not last long as within a short time they will investigate their new surroundings and they will integrate with other dogs.

We at roseberry Kennels put a huge emphasis on the mental and physical stimulation of your pet: throughout the day it will be active, varied and playful.

3 What is the best time to bring my dog to Roseberry Kennels?

Daylight hours 1pm to 3pm is a good time as this gives your dog a good chance to snoop around and get a walk in before going to bed.

4 Does my dog have to be microchipped and vaccinated?

The strict rule of Roseberry Kennels is that no dog is allowed to enter inside our gates unless they have a Kennel Cough Certification and a microchip fifteen digit reference number.

5 When do I pay?

All monies have to be paid in full when leaving your pet at Roseberry Kennels.

6 What happens if my pet gets sick?

You the owner will be giving us your vets details.

Call us if you have any more questions thanks

087 97 96 203  

The Care of Your Pet is Our Priority